College Connect Mentoring Graduation

On Friday the 7th of February (Conor’s birthday) our first set of graduates on the College Connect Changemakers mentoring programme came together to celebrate completing the course. The mad fun, hosted by Sean and Allanah from YouthReach, with speeches from participants from each of the schools [Caritas, Kylemore, St. Dominics and St. Johns] and also a couple of inspirational talks from our college mentors Damola and Angleika. It was clear from everyone that spoke they thought the course was an absolute buzz with loads of learning and insight into how we might tackle the big issues that effect our communities.

Here’s a sample of some of what was said…..

The groups communication skills, their ability to work in teams and their urge to take initiative during this programme show just how capable they are in taking on the world and creating change, despite what anyone may ever tell them. They have shown us that if young people are given an opportunity, you are more than capable to grow and become a person with the ability to make a positive impact in your communities and people’s lives. The College Connect programme intended to inspire these young people to attend college by showing them their own capabilities and strengths and proving to them that their opinions matter and they will have the freedom to focus on what they are passionate about in a college setting. (College Connect Mentor)

I think the course took a lot of courage from everyone that took part, the school students, the Youth Reach students and the college students. I enjoyed learning new things and looking at things that we wanted to understand more, like the homelessness problem. It was good to try and understand homelessness more and also think about ways we could help the situation (College Connect participant)

The Changemakers course wouldn’t have happened without all the great help from the FamiliBase team, and the staff in the four schools and Youth Reach in Ballyfermot. We always have a great time when we work together so hopefully there will be loads more opportunities. Another special thanks goes to Katriona O’Sullivan, Emma Gilchreest and Martha Brandes for some really inspirational words for all the participants. And we’ll leave the final word from Tom Hyland our Ordinary Superhero who sent a very special email of congratulations from the East Timor Support Group

In your community try not to judge but look behind the person and see who they once were. We never know what has befallen them in their lives. GET INVOLVED AND STAY INVOLVED.