Meet the Team

Dr Sarah Meaney Sartori – Research Manager

Research Manager with College Connect

I did my PhD with the Adult and Community Education Department in Maynooth University. Funded by the Irish Research Council, the research was a creative exploration of the experience of educational exclusion from the perspective of prisoners and youth.

I have worked as an adult educator for over fifteen years, developing and delivering modules and programmes to a wide variety of groups such as early school leavers, people with acquired brain injury, people recovering from addiction, and people seeking skills for work. I work with and am trained in creative research methodologies, that is the creative editing of research data, the purpose being to bring research outside the academy and into the community for public engagement.

In my role as research manager for College Connect, we carry out research with communities underrepresented in higher education to try to understand what would make university more accessible, and what universities need to change to be more culturally diverse.

I believe that research should disrupt the status quo and is best carried out with and by the communities for whom it is intended.

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