Meet the Team

Carmel Hennessy


Regional Community Connector, based in Athlone Institute of Technology

Carmel holds a BA in Economic and Social Studies and an MA in Community Development. She completed her thesis on Community Education as an approach to counteracting the effects of educational disadvantage.

In 2009, Carmel moved to Vancouver, Canada. She worked there with diverse teams and communities, particularly refugees and Aboriginal youth and their families. Carmel’s work involved using wraparound support models.

Her most recent role was as the Supervisor of a National Programme in Canada – Pathways to Education (2014-2018). This programme provided a comprehensive set of academic, financial, social and one-to-one supports for youth living in communities experiencing disadvantage. The programme was designed so the people taking part could overcome barriers to education.

Throughout her career, Carmel has been privileged to be involved in programmes that prioritise people’s access to educational opportunities through community development principles.

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