Meet the Team

Ayoma Bowe – Project Manager

Project Manager with College Connect

Ayoma, since completing her Masters in NUI Galway in 2007 in Cultural Management (Arts Policy & Practice), has worked in management and project development across the Arts, Education & Community sectors. She has enjoyed interesting, creative, and broad reaching roles that have required thinking on ones feet, being people centred, detail orientated and strategic, in tandem with each other.

Ayoma’s skills have given her a steady hand in running small organisations along with countless other projects and event management activities. She has strong leadership skills and believes in working for empowerment and empathy for all.

Having worked as a General Manager for Ireland’s leading literature organisation Poetry Ireland over a 7.5-year period, along with its directors Ayoma was instrumental in transforming the strategic development of the poetry sector in Ireland, as with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance company where she developed both its company and professional development status in just a two-year period.

Since 2018, Ayoma has been employed by Maynooth University (MU) in both the Department of Adult and Community Education and the Maynooth Access Programme respectively. Initially, Ayoma was involved in the development of Phase 1 of the Turn to Teaching programme (PATH 1) while also working across several creative and strategic medium to large-scale events in the role of Producer, including MU’s Summer Soirée 2019 event ‘I remember you Well’ featuring the Webb Sisters.

Ayoma is currently the Project Manager with College Connect (PATH 3) where she leads on a project that’s about working with communities, Higher Education Institutes in the MEND region, and people who are trying to get to college and realise their educational goals and potential. Ayoma’s drive and commitment stems from an opportunity to work in collaboration with an extremely talented team and diverse communities to effectively plan, develop, and message a project, which is now moving into its second phase of development, and that’s centred on connecting community and higher education opportunities.

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