Our CC – Map

What is the Community Organisations Map?

The College Connect team, in collaboration with AIRO, developed a Community Organisations Map. This is a visual list of all the community organisations engaging with the College Connect project.

How to use the map?

Organisations are grouped into seventeen themes. When you click on an organisation location pin you can view their contact details. If your organisation/ group is not currently on the map please click ‘Get on the Map’ and add your information. We will contact you to add your details.

What information can be found on the Map?

The CC-Map contains data on education services across the Midlands, East and North Dublin (MEND) region including Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s), Further Education Training colleges (FET’s) and Post Primary schools.

The locations of all course providers listed on Qualifax  (the national learners database) can also be found on the map. By clicking on a location pin you can view the course provider details and find a link to the courses they offer.

The map provides key socio-economic data about communities who experience disadvantage (Pobal HP Deprivation Index), Lone Parents, Nationality, Ethnicity, Education Attainment and Disability.

View the CC-Map Portal here: College Connect AIRO Map