The All-Ireland Research Observatory (AIRO) – is an organisation that helps to map information in a visual way to improve how information is communicated and understood. 

AIRO are working with College Connect to help identify education ‘cold spots’ – areas of low education attainment – and track barriers to higher education based on geographical location.

They will also:

  • Evaluate the impact of College Connect
  • Monitor how people progress through higher education from the start of the Connect project
  • Monitor employment outcomes.

AIRO is a research and consultancy unit based at NIRSA in NUI Maynooth. AIRO specialise in socio-demographic analysis, spatial analysis (GIS), spatial planning and data analytics. Most of AIRO’s research and consultancy work is in the area of demographics, economy, housing and the environment. AIRO deliver projects for both public and private sector clients on the island of Ireland and are involved in a number of pan-European spatial planning projects.

More information about AIRO is available on their website: AIRO website